Sunday, May 19, 2019

Litchfield Wins!

Thanks to the Varsity Soccer Moms, Litchfield High School's contribution to Relay for Life grew by $920 on Sunday, May 19, as our varsity soccer players played against alum, parents, coaches, and members of the community in a match on White Field at 4 p.m. The varsity team gave the adults a run for their money before the latter went home victorious in this 6-4 game.

Many thanks to Kelly Garden for organizing the event, to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital for donating the jerseys and water, and to the Litchfield Soccer Club for use of White Field, and to all the players who came out on a Sunday afternoon to support the American Cancer Society.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The American Cancer Society Says, "Thanks"

Graham Kobs of the American Cancer Society came to the monthly meeting of the National Honor Society to thank students for hosting a Relay for Life event after a school year of raising funds for the charity.  Mr. Kobs told students that the organization appreciates all the work our students have done, and he added that the $13,400 we have raised so far is more than anybody in the organization could have imagined.  He also expressed his deep admiration and respect for the people of Litchfield and said he looked forward to working with us in the future as Litchfield supports the American Cancer Society and our involvement with it creates opportunities for students to engage in the larger community both in the northwest corner and farther afield.  He brought a certificate and photo frame to LHS as an expression of gratitude from the American Cancer Society.

Anyone who wishes to make a contribution to the American Cancer Society through our Relay page can click here.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How We Did: Hearts and Dollars

Noah and Aidan Parilla added our luminaria bags to the Relay bulletin board to remind everyone at LHS that Relay is, first and last, about people dealing with cancer.

The paper chain includes a link for everyone who attended Relay on Saturday.   As of right now, we raised $13,174.41 for the American Cancer Society.  There's still time to donate if you want to support our effort.  Just click here and follow the prompts.